Hey there! We’re Aris Atto and Marion Girard – the dynamic duo behind OOliPlay, and we’re ready to take you on an adventure like no other!

Childhood Adventures and Dreams

Okay, picture this – Marion, a little girl living in the countryside, spending endless hours crafting with her mom, letting her imagination run wild. Meanwhile, on the other side of town, you’ve got me, Aris, a curious and active boy, always intrigued by space and computers. I had a bit of a reputation for dismantling things (much to my mom’s dismay) just to put them back together again. Little did we know back then that these seemingly ordinary childhood experiences would shape our paths in such extraordinary ways.

drawing of three children

"We dream big for kids, just like they are doing"

A Playful Path to OOliPlay’s Inception

Life took us on different journeys, but fate had other plans for us. Marion’s decade-long experience as a nanny and maternity nurse, and my adventures in entrepreneurship and working with children – it was as if the stars aligned to bring us together. That’s when we realized something profound – kids had an innate thirst for play and exploration, and it was through these activities that they truly blossomed.

OOliPlay and OOliClass – A Natural Synergy

So, we put our heads together and came up with something truly special. OOliPlay – the Playbox filled with endless possibilities for kids to learn, grow, and express their creativity. And to complement this, we created OOliClass, a haven for craft language, yoga, dance, storytelling, and mind-boggling science classes. It’s like we’re crafting the perfect recipe for nurturing young minds!

A Vision for Tomorrow’s Generation

We firmly believe that every child is born with boundless potential, waiting to be unleashed. As Sir Ken Robinson so brilliantly put it, “Creativity is as important as literacy,” and that’s our guiding principle. We want to be the wind beneath their wings, empowering them to explore their unique gifts and passions so they can fearlessly embrace the challenges of the modern world.


Redefining Learning, One OOliPlay at a Time

Life as a parent can be hectic – trust us, we’ve been there! We wanted to make it easier for parents to provide enriching experiences for their kids without the fuss. That’s why OOliPlay curates the best educational games and science projects, saving parents time and effort, while ensuring kids have a blast while learning. It’s a win-win for everyone!

Embarking on a Thrilling Journey

Remember London’s lockdown in 2021? Well, that’s when OOliPlay came to life! It was a moment of reflection for us, and we knew it was the perfect time to turn our shared passion into something tangible. So, we rolled up our sleeves, got to work, and voila – OOliPlay was born! It was a challenging time, but it only fueled our determination to make a positive impact on kids’ lives worldwide.

What’s in a Name? OOliPlay – Where Kind Souls Play

Choosing a name for our brainchild was no easy feat. We wanted something that truly represented our mission. “OOli” – it’s a word that means “kind soul” in different cultures, and kids embody that spirit so effortlessly. And “Play” – that’s the magical medium through which they learn, create, and connect. So, OOliPlay became the perfect harmony of our vision and values.

Unleashing Potential, Together

Every day is a new opportunity for us to learn and grow, just like the kids we serve. We collaborate with families and child development experts, constantly refining our Playbox line, ensuring it caters to all facets of a child’s growth journey, from early learning to becoming little scientists and inquisitive thinkers.

The Journey Has Just Begun

This is just the beginning – we’ve got so much more in store for you! We’re committed to expanding OOliPlay’s horizons, introducing fresh wonders, and fueling the fire of imagination in every child we touch. So, buckle up – there’s an exciting ride ahead!

Join Us on this Extraordinary Expedition

We invite you to be a part of this extraordinary expedition. Together, let’s create a world where kids can be their true, unfiltered selves, where play knows no bounds, and where learning is an adventure they eagerly embark on. Step into the magical realm of OOliPlay, and let’s make dreams come true – one playful moment at a time!

Your Support and Love means a lot

Family – Philippe G – Nathalie G – Andy, Celia – Rayan Francine – George and
more –Friends & Love – Elodie.E – Anne.A – Laura.C – Lydia – Super hero – and you!

Many thanks to our web-master at 5square.fr

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